The programme of the conference was just released and it can be found online.
Sociologists Kuhar (U of Ljubljana) on mis/use of gender by neoconservative politics and Jarkovská (Masaryk U Brno) on the same in education; Roseneil (UCLondon) on couple-norm in contemporary relationships; and psychologist Bianchi (Slovak AS) on postmodern consumption of intimacy - these will be the key-note speeches of the conference's invited guests. Here is the scheduling of the lectures. Annotations are introduced in the "Conference 2019" section. Conference Opening
This Monday September 9 the registration for the conference closes. All presenters as well as all other participants are obligated to register for the conference - via this online form. The conference fee (due by bank transfer against an invoice) covers coffee breaks and refreshments, incl. lunch on Thursday, conference materials and the possibility to take part on the whol 3-day-long program (with over 20 papers and 4 key-note lectures). We are looking forward to your registration.
The Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague (FHS UK), namely the Department of Civil Society Studeis became the co-organiser of the conference.
We are happy with the interest in our conference which is embodied in the 35 submitted abstracts. Moreover, the abstracts are topically very diverse (e.g. on bisexuality, asexuality, political activism, childbirths or family models) and from authors from different parts of the World (e.g. South Africa, India, Albania, UK or Hungary). Now, the Acadmic and Organizing Committee of the conference evaluates the abstracts and the authors will be informed about he acceptance. Followingly, (during June) the registration for the conference will be open.
Because of large interest, we have extended the deadline for the submission of single papers and panels to May 13. How to submit your abstract see the CfP section.  
Until 20th April 2019 you can submit an abstract of your paper or a panel (constituting 3–4 papers). More information can be found on the relevant page of this website or in an attached PDF version of the CfP.
The invitation to hold a keynote lecture at our conference has been accepted by Lucie Jarkovská, PhD. She is a sociologist previously working at the Department of Sociology in the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno and in its Gender Centre. Currently, she is a staff member of the Institute for Inclusive Education in the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University. For a long time, she has been engaged with the topics of gender-sensitive sex education and with sexuality and gender in the school environment and in education.
Prof. Sasha Roseneil, a sociologist and the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences at University College London (previously a professor of sociology at the University of Leeds and the University of Oslo), has accepted our invitation to hold a keynote lecture.In her research and theoretical work, she is interested in how gender, sexuality, subjectivity, and intimate lives are changing as well as remaining unchanged because of collective or individual, often unconscious resistance.